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ESTATE: Comprises of: Hathras Palace and land around it.Vrindavan Pal,properties in Aligarh,Sasni,Mathura,Mursan,Dehradun and many villages.Raja mahendra pratap left india in 1914 and due to his efforts for India’s freedom,he was termed as a traitor by British govt.Hence his estate was forfeited and later through a order in1924 under the rajamahendra pratap estate act were later given to his son Raja Prem Pratap Singh.Raja Prem Pratap Singh died when he was 34 on 13th june,1947.His son Raja Bahadur Amar pratap singh became the sole owner of the estate.


History: 1886 at Mursan,as the third son of Raja Ghanshiam Singh.At the age of three adopted as son and heir by Raja Harnarain singh of Hathras

Aligarh:Properties in Aligarh include agricultural and non-agricultural land. Most of the lands are given on lease and some have been vacant lands occupied illegaly. There are very few lands which are not occupied.Its approximately 500 acres in the main city.
Hathras:Hathras Quila and 55 acres of land around it.Also market and non-ZA lands.
Mathura:few remaining villages of Mathura Majohi and Rampur Which together have total area of 1000 acres of NON ZA LAND.Also 50 acres of land no mathura -vrindavan road.
Vrindavan:Prem maha Vidhalaya college and Goorukul college.
Sasni : 500 acres of agricultural land.
These are lands which we are trying to organise,rest is mentioned in the schedule under the act.
Dehradun :Georgina Villa in Rajpur had been the main residence of our family but it we moved to Malsi in 2000 and now Raja Amar Pratap Singh and family resides there.


Raja Mahendra pratap Estate act no. 14 of 1923: .

The estate was bestowed by the govt. upon the son of Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh named Raja Prem Pratap Singh by a sanad dated 7-9-1924 by the governer general of India under some conditions.


ACT No. XXIV OF 1923. [PASSED BY THE INDIAN LEGISLATURE.] (Received the assent of the Governor General on the 19th July, 1923.)


An Act to provide for the forfeiture of the estates and other property of Mahendra Partab Singh and for their grant to his son, subject to certain conditions. WHEREAS Mahendra Partab Singh, formerly a resident of Hathras in the District of Aligarh in the United Provinces, son of the late Raja Ghansham Singh Bahadur and adopted son of the, late Raja Har Narayan Singh, did treasonably ally himself with and assist His Majesty’s enemies in the late war and is now a fugitive from justice; and WHEREAS the estates of the said Mahendra Partab Singh have been and are now attached under the provisions of the Bengal State Prisoners Regulation, 1818; and . WHEREAS the said Mahendra Partab Singh was, at the date of the attachment, possessed of certain moveable property and other such property has been acquired since the said attachment; and WHEREAS it is expedient for the purpose of the proper administration of the said estates and property and for preventing the use of the same or the income thereof in a manner prejudicial to the safety and good government of British India that all the right, title, interest, claim and demand of the said Mahendra Partab Singh in the said estates and property should be forfeited and thereafter be transferred to his son, Prem Partab Singh, subject nevertheless to certain conditions; It is hereby enacted as follows:


1. This Act may be called the Mahendra Partab Short title Singh Estates Act, 1923.


2. With effect from the commencement of this Act, the whole of the estate, right, title, interest, claim and demand whatsoever of the said Mahendra Partab Singh in, to or upon the property specified in the Schedule and in, to or upon any other immoveable or moveable property of whatsever description in British India, and in, to or upon all liberties, privileges, benefits, easements and appurtenances whatsoever belonging or in anywise appertaining thereto or usually held or enjoyed therewith (all which estate, right, title, interest, claim and demand is hereinafter referred to as the property) shall absolutely cease and- be extinguished, and thereupon the property shall become vested in His Majesty.


3. The Governor General in Council, as soon as may be after the commencement. of this Act, shall grant the property to Prem Partab Singh, son of the said :Mahendra Partab Singh, subject to such provisions, restrictions, conditions and limitations over as he may think fit.


Schedule of the property in 1924: consist of villages and urban lands.


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pmv2It was founded on May 24th 1909 by Raja mahendra Pratap singh. He converted his own residence into a technical school which stood beautifully on the bank of river Yamuna in the holy land of Vrindavan. PMV was one of its own kind and one of the first polytechnic institution in India. More


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